Who We Are

Peggi Sturm

With over 25 years of consulting experience in a variety of fields, including business, education, communications, planning and labor relations, Peggi understands business, systems management, computers and accounting.  And, she is an expert communicator. She “speaks your language”, that is, she translates the “computer-eze” and “accounting-eze” into simple English.

Peggi loves to design your accounting system and train you in how to use it.  She has transformed, updated and modernized systems for more than 3,000 businesses over the last 20 years.  She’d like to add yours to her success stories!

In addition to consulting, Peggi offers seminars locally and is a renowned speaker and leader in the national Macintosh Community.  Peggi has served as a Director of the Apple Business Consortium, LAMG (LA Macintosh User Group), and as a member of Apple Computer, Inc’s Small Business Advisory Board.

Sue Peterson
Sue has an extensive background in small business, non-profits, vocational schools, entertainment and high net worth clients.  She has created office procedures for new businesses and restructured existing businesses, including their accounting software, setting up their filing systems, payroll, business licenses, insurance, managing every aspect of their finances. She has created their office staff by interviewing, hiring and training. She works, along with your company’s CPA, to manage the financials for running your business today and planning for tomorrow.

Sue ‘s son, Evan, graduated CSUN with a degree in film. He loves sports and is currently interning with FOX Sports Radio.  Evan and Peggi’s son Josh are best friends!  She has five adopted cats. She lives in Sherman Oaks. She is also a property manager for her own and her clients real estate investments.

Charmaine Barnes
Charmaine brings multiple sensibilities to her work as a bookkeeper/consultant. With a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, she has found working in the creative fields particularly satisfying with clients ranging from interior design firms to small production companies.  She had fifteen years experience in the private banking and finance industries and served clients in a variety of capacities ranging from account representative to investor relations liaison. Here she learned the importance of confidentiality and trust. She honed her bookkeeping skills during the five years she served as office manager of a small business handling all aspects of its operations.

Born with a love of organization (she got all the organizational genes allotted to her family), she finds the orderly aspect of bookkeeping endlessly exciting. She even sees a touch of the romantic in her work when the numbers are perfectly matched and reconciled.

Sharon Croskery
Sharon entered the career world, late in life, while living in Cheviot Hills, during and after raising two children, two step children, three dogs, 10 cats and 4 male adults (not all at the same time).  She started off running, as an entrepreneur, purchasing a flower shop. The first project she tackled was setting up a computerized accounting and billing system (with the help of a consultant) for her business and the house charge account customers (remember those). After five 1/2 years, the shop was closed and Sharon went into the work force as the sole person in the accounting department for a small (6 attorney) law firm in Century City. That position continued for seven 1/2 years, until the operation was downsized.

After the downsizing, Sharon, joined Peggi Sturm & Associates and has lived happily ever after.  With her children now grown, she now resides, singlely, in Santa Monica with her cat family of Gerald Murray Ford, Tomas Jefferson and MeToo.

PJ Our Receptionist

PJ is pure poodle, although when he jumps into your lap, you’ll think he is half flying squirrel! His job is to make you feel welcome and relaxed.

He loves toys and will be delighted to play with you for a little stress relief. Need exercise? PJ is pure energy. He does figure eights in the back yard at 100 miles per hour! Let him inspire you.  PJ stands for Pure Joy, and I think he is Pure Love too!


PJ was so lonely after Jake passed that we had to find him a new life partner.  So we adopted Jennie, the Pomeranian, in early July, 2006.  Jennie let PJ know right from the start that she is beautiful and she is the top dog!  They adore each other.

Jennie will come up and stand next to you for petting, but she won’t jump in your lap.  After 3 years of watching PJ leap through the air into Peggi’s lap, Jennie has suddenly started to do the same.  That’s a lot of dog for one lap!  Most of our students learn faster than Jennie!