Delhi – Jaipur

Hi all.  An FYI for newbies to this blog:  when you see regular type, it’s Peggi speaking.  Italic is Lisa

So, it’s 2 am on Monday.   Don’t ask what I’m doing up at this hour, my clock is all off.   In 2 hours we get up and prepare to board a train for Jaipur.  Who knows what adventures await us there?  Let me fill you in on Sunday’s adventures in Delhi.

We went sightseeing and walking and shopping and walking and sightseeing.  We took a rickshaw ride through the narrow streets and warrens of the old city.  We saw people and camels and goats and brahma bulls and dogs (interestingly, no cats), and—tah dah—an elephant.  We went from the old narrow, winding alleys to the open, broad avenues of the government section, with its’ huge beautiful buildings that sit symmetrically across from each other and surrounded by parks.  We went to the Gandhi Memorial and to a Lakshmi temple.  And we went shopping.  Probably the less said about that, the better!  We had a wonderful tour guide named B.J. and our driver was Rahul.

So, that’s the short version of what we did.  What is the experience of this place?  It is wild and chaotic, crowded and crazy.  It is peaceful and calm.  It is the broad smiles of the people and also the frowns.  It is soaring hearts and great sorrows.  It is the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. It is a place of extremes—colorful and beautiful and full of life.

Good morning from Peggi in Jaipur 11.16.10 @ 9:11 am

Walking into the train station was insane.The train was billed as a first class air-conditioned train.  They did not run the air-conditioning but there were fans on the ceiling that we could control.  So, I turned on the fan.  And at the second stop a gentleman got on and sat in front of us.  First thing he did was turn off the fan!

MORE, and photos, coming tonight, our time!  Had a small crisis with iPhoto last night and Kevin rescued us all this morning!  So here we are at our astrological time clocks in Jaipur.

PS.  We are both reading email every day or so, would love to hear from you!

Peggi at Sagitarrius

Lisa at Aquarius

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