I (Peggi) was honored at our annual Acclivity conference, in Nov 2012 in Las Vegas, as Partner of the Year.  I was really shocked!  And appreciative!

Here is what Todd Salkovitz said as he gave me the award, “Peggi Sturm, AccountEdge Partner of the Year.  Peggi is very well known to everyone in the Acclivity family and is a tireless advocate for our solutions and our customers.  She sets the bar high and never compromises.  Having known Peggi for over 20 years it brings me personal pride to honor her with this well deserved distinction.  She is a model partner for us and is always willing to share her knowledge and help others.”

A little history:  I have been an AccountEdge/MYOB consultant for 20 years.  They started giving this award in 1999.  In 2002 they gave the Partners of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards to Debbie Koltun, Ed Mears and me, Peggi Sturm.  Again in 2008 I was honored as Partner of the Year.  And along the way, in 2004, 2009 and 2010, I received the Sales Partner of the Year Award.  They stopped giving that award because I always got it!

So, I kind of thought I had maxed out on awards!  The 2012 award makes me the most honored of all the consultants.  And the most grateful.

Lauren Kasper, Partner Program Manager, James Haggerty, Tech Support Lead, Todd Salkovitz, AE Product Manager, me, Tom Nash, Managing Partner and Scott Davisson, Managing Partner

I take my relationship with Acclivity seriously.  I do everything I can to promote “our” products.  They are such a great company.  They work hard to listen to their clients and partners feedback and make improvements to their product every year.  Lots of improvements.  And their support is world class:  Of their customers (you) and of their certified consultants (me).  So over the years I have narrowed my product line to focus only on AccountEdge (and TimeSolv and a little Excel).

I really love what I do!  And this upgrade, AccountEdge 2013, is the best in years!  I intend to have all my clients upgrade within the next 3 months!

And thank you, Acclivity, for honoring me, from your good friend, me!  I’m proud to be a member of such a great team.