written by Peggi

view from our hotel room in the morning

Today we arrived in Mumbai!  Shamim met us at the airport at midnight and drove us to our hotel.  It was wonderful to see him again and to ride in the car we’ve purchased for him.

We were all overjoyed to be together.

We checked in at the Trident Nariman Point at 2 am and went to bed!

We had a 10:30 am meeting to attend!

South View

Our meeting was on the rooftop floor of the hotel.  The views are amazing! You are seeing the Indian Ocean on two sides of the hotel.

West View

Kia and Shibani shared the program they’ve developed for the 26/11 Event with us, the survivors, and asked for our help. They shared their personal discoveries as they developed the program. We did several experiential exercises. We were all in tears as we went thru the 2 hour meeting.

Then Shibani asked the key question: What is the difference between good people and bad people? The answer?  The bad people (terrorists) are very focused and passionate and will do any and every thing to further their cause.  Only 1% are bad people and look at the havoc they raise.  What about the good people?

We, the good people, need to share our passion intensely too.  Our passion is honoring  the sacredness of life.  Seeing it in ourselves and everyone, all the time.

Greeting Kia and Master Charles at the conclusion of the evening program

We had a public program with Master Charles in the evening.  The Indians were so thankful that we have returned to Mumbai.  Over 100 people attended.  Master Charles spoke and then we chanted and meditated together.  I was blissful.  MC closed with a story, one of my favorites.  It is the story of an artist, who exhibited his latest creation with much fanfare.  A critic told the artist, your painting is lovely but you have made a mistake.  A mistake ?, asked the artist.  Yes, said the critic,  your picture of the garden is beautiful, but you forgot to paint the handle on the door.  Ahhhh, said the artist, you don’t understand the painting.  The door to your heart can only be opened from within.

For me, the question of the morning and the story of the evening are why I am here. The action that Kia and Master Charles created out of their experiences of 26/11 was to create an organization, One Life Alliance, to promote action by good people on the sacredness of life.

The One Life Alliance Pledge

Here and now…and for the next 30 days, I will honor the oneness and sacredness of life in myself and in everyone I meet.

This focus will assist you in living authentically with compassion on a daily basis, and in so doing, you will transform both yourself and your world.

I want to personally invite you to take the One Life Alliance Pledge. For the full details click here and you will see the One Life Alliance website.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Please feel free to share this with your family and friends.


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