IN REMEMBRANCE: Terri Zeh Jacobson

IN REMEMBRANCE:  Terri Zeh Jacobson

Terri Zeh Jacobson, Oct 2010 at the CC Conference

My close friend Terri Zeh Jacobson passed away on 3.24.11 in the late afternoon after a 3 year battle with cancer.  She was 47 years old.

I’m so thankful that I had gone to visit her in early February when she asked me to “come play with me” after the Mayo clinic gave her 8 weeks to live.  Sadly they were correct.

As I had promised her then, I went to Minnesota on Tuesday night to help her husband and company with the transition and to attend the Remembrance Service.

This is the Temple of Eck in the spring time

I’d like to share a little about the event with you.  The service portion was beautiful.  It was held in the sanctuary at the Temple of Eck, an amazing building with a gold pyramid roof in the middle of a forested area of Western Minneapolis.  The minister who married Teri and Steve 23 years ago conducted the service. A guitarist played as we entered and a friend of Terri’s sang Amazing Grace.  3 friends shared about Terri and her love for life and deep devotion to her clients and her family.

After the service there was a lovely reception in the social hall with Terri’s favorite carrot cake and tea and an open mike.  For 45 wonderful minutes people walked up to the mike and shared about how Terri had touched their lives, clients, friends, family and more (including Cathy and me). Good thing I brought Kleenex!

For those of you who did not have the honor of knowing Terri, and for those who did, here is a link to the Memorial Page.

Let me share some photos from the event with you.  We start with flowers from our partners.  I didn’t photograph the beautiful family flowers in purple and white.  So sorry I can’t share them with you.

All our sympathy from your friends at Apple

With deepest sympathy from your friends at SUREPayroll

At the entrance to the Sanctuary was a table and several posters with pictures of Terri:

Cathy Palazzolo from Acclivity

Top: Terri & Steve at their wedding. Middle Left: Brother Mark and Terri with the famous laugh! Bottom Left: A young Terri

Terri as we knew her and young Terri with bird (she loved all animals)

Art and Carole Zeh, Terri's beloved parents

Steve, Terri's husband with Teresa, one of Terri's best friends from childhood who came in from Fargo for the event.

Peggi, Amanda, Terri's right hand staffer and Cassandra, who has taken over Terri's business (with child #3 who will be joining us in person at the beginning of June!)

Local CC's Patti Curtis and Thom Melcher and former Resources staffer and good friend Anne Klaers-Grothe join Cathy and all of us for the service and reception.

For those of you who did not have the honor of knowing Terri, and for those who did, here is a link to the Memorial Page.

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