Let Me Introduce You to   .   .   .

One of My Favorite People:  Sam Daley-Harris

Sam Daley-Harris is founder of RESULTS, a citizen lobby on ending global poverty, and founder of the Microcredit Summit Campaign.  Sam is also a dear friend.  In May 2010 he gave a talk at TEDx NJ Libraries titled: “Purpose, Poverty, Pitfalls, and Redemption”.  Please listen to Sam’s remarks and pass it on to friends if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Here’s the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_LLCUQlB5E

Sam and I met when I was producing the LA World Hunger Event in 1980.  Sam was a participant in the community that was producing the event, and an inspiration to us all.  He founded RESULTS during that year.  I have been a member and financial supporter of RESULTS ever since.  Sam moved to Washington, DC, but we’ve managed to connect and work together on projects throughout the past 30 years.  He is my idol and my inspiration for going to Hyderabad to visit a microcredit project.

I urge you to watch this video.  I hope it is as inspirational for you as it was for me.  It made me stop in my tracks.

The Shamim Fund

I want to say thank you so much to those of you who contributed to the Shamim Fund.  Shamim was my driver when I was in India 2 years ago.  He took such great care of me, driving me back and forth across Mumbai, to the Ayushakti Ayurvedic Clinic in Malad, to shopping and sight-seeing all over town.  On the flight home I reviewed my life and decided to add on to it a project to help Shamin.  I wanted to help set him up in business as an independent driver with a car.  So I started raising money to help him buy a car.  And we did buy him a car!  And the economy collapsed, and the Oberoi closed for 15 months.  So I helped him.  And I continue to help him.  He will be picking me up at the Mumbai airport and driving me every day while I’m in Mumbai.

I could use help.  For those who can help, I would really appreciate it.  You can make a tax-deductible contribution to B’nai Horin’s Shamim Fund.  Mail your check to B’nai Horin, 10810 Ayres Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064.  Or, if you want to charge it, send me an email and I’ll call you and get your credit card number when I return on 12.1.10.  If you can, I appreciate it.  And so does Shamim.