If you want to see Josh’s wedding, join me at Facebook now!

Or, here are some of the wedding photos.  I have many more!

Josh & Cherize at end of wedding

The happy couple at the end of their wedding

Happy Couple

 Leaving the house through a shower of flowers!

Wedding Party under Hollywood Sign

The bridal party!  Sarah Maas was Josh’s “Best Person!” and Cherize’s was Kim Chastagner.

Under the Hollywood Sign (across the street from Don & David’s home)


 Dad and I with Cherize and Josh

Another Happy Couple

 They are adorable aren’t they?

Very Happy Mom

 One very happy Mom!

AND, now that I’m “all alone”  I decided to adopt 2 adorable kittens!  PJ (my dog) and I are both enthralled with them!

Yin & Jang #1

Jin & Jang #2

We are calling them Yin and Yang!  Yin has the sweetest personality and Yang can take on any challenge (like going up and over the room divider (to keep dogs on one side) in less than 6 hours!).  I’m constantly amused by them!  And I have to be quick!  Yin is on the right!

PJ & Yin

This is Yin, asleep on his back, right next to PJ!


Another Yin Shot!

PJ & Yang #2

This is Yang.  He’s all cuddled up with PJ!

PJ & Yang

This is Yang.  He is sharing a bed with PJ!

Although I must say, they like it on our bed even better!