What Is Year End Support 2012?

We manage your year end tasks, including payroll reporting, 1099 reporting, general ledger review and presentation to your CPA at least twice.  We also review your tax return before you mail it and match your data to the tax return, sometimes raising important questions first.  Then we close your fiscal year.  We also help you choose to purchase and install the annual software update.


What will it cost me?
$300 to $600, on average, depending on the quantity of W2’s and 1099’s, the state of your current books.

We ask for a $500 deposit in mid October to seal our mutual commitment (ultra small businesses can do a $250 deposit).  We apply that to the work done in January and invoice in January for the balance.

We encourage you to sign up and to purchase the 2013 AccountEdge upgrade through us in NOVEMBER.  We will be attending the annual AccountEdge certified consultant conference November 11 thru the 14th in Las Vegas (it is hard work, but someone has to do it!) and will come home all excited about 2013!

What will Peggi Sturm & Associates do for me?

In December we will install the 2013 upgrade and review your data file.  We will also review your 1099s.

We will encourage you to send reports to and meet with your CPA so that you can be clear about your tax position while YOU CAN STILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

In January 2013 we will take a copy of your file from which we will prepare your 4th Quarter and Annual Payroll Filings (941, DE-6, 940, DE-7, W3 & W2’s) as well as your Sales Tax Return.

We will also prepare your 1099’s.

We will help you to archive and close your payroll year and to load the new tax tables.

In February we will help you prepare a package for your CPA to use in filing your income taxes.

And after they are prepared, we’ll compare the return to your data file, making the CPA’s journal entries.  Then we’ll close your year.  Then you can file your taxes.

We might suggest that something is missing or incorrect and communicate with your CPA for you, so let us review it first!  We will also prepare your LA City business license.


Because you are a business person, not an accountant.  You don’t know what to look for or how to perform the needed reviews.  Partially because this is a once a year task and partially because this isn’t your expertise!

And, you don’t have time!


1.  Engage us.  Email us right away.  Appointments are booked in order of engagement. Please do NOT CALL us.

2.  We’ll order your software/support and contact you on December 1st to schedule our December meeting and installation date.

3.  For our January and February work, in most cases, we’ll meet virtually, using iChat, Timbuktu or Join.Me to share your screen and work together, saving you travel costs and us time!


We are thankful to support such a dynamic software company as Acclivity.  They are working year round to add and improve our software.  And this year, as always, our upgrade will be fantastic!  (I’m under non-disclosure so I can’t share any details, but I do know some things!) Check here to go to Acclivity’s web site.  They’ll start announcing the features around 11.30.11.

You have 2 options that we recommend.

1.  Renew/purchase Payroll Support for $249 Single User/$299 Multi User.  With this plan you get the upgrade every year for free and the payroll tax tables.  (Or, if you want Technical Support too,Payroll Tax Service Plus Support (includes upgrades) – Single User $299/year; Multi User $349/year

Those with SURE Payroll get annual upgrades for free!  It is an option worth considering.

Or for those without payroll who want Technical Support, Telephone & Email Support costs $199 and does NOT include the upgrades.

2.  Just purchase the annual upgrade.  $159 Single User/$249 Multi User

Let us know your choice!  Email Peggi.