I’m not as great as the professional photographer who did the original pictures, but this give you an idea of our home in Washington!

Here is our living room.  Here is Dad next to our Fireplace, and then me in front of a warm fire, with great thanks to Susie who is a great fire builder!  Dad is 97!

Our Piano from Dad’s. I hope to be able to play again!

Our living room, part 2! With our table from LA and our wonderful new furniture.

We put our etagere in here with our dishes from Encino and the table that Regina (the former owner who passed away last month) gave us.

Our dining room table from Encino. Out the door is our patio.

Welcome to my room! It is so spacious. This section has a pellet stove and my desk!

My sink area! I actually have 2 sinks!

Here is my shower! So luxurious!

This is one of 3 areas of closet in my bedroom! I’ve never seen this much closet space!

Here is the entrance to the bathroom (both doors open to it!) And my TV! And a chair from my bedroom in LA.

My bed! It is an adjustable bed and the feet go up AND down! The ulimate luxurious gift to myself!

My Bath Tub! I even got in and had a bath! LOVE those red towels!

Dad’s room, complete with Dad’s photos of President Eisenhower and President Ronald Reagan.

Susie’s Room, complete with her pet animals!

Look at Dad’s TV! 58 inches! His one in LA is 72 inches! But this was as good as we can get for the room size!