Peggi’s Family


We started this business to provide for Josh when he was still in development (month 4). Now, at age 23, he’s all grown up and working, but not for us!  Josh graduated from Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. This is the premier college for future game programmers. It wass tough but he did it. In addition to learning all about computer programming, he learned really complex math and physics!

Josh is a computer whiz and a gamer through and through!  Now he works for Microsoft, in the Zune division.  He tests games and networking issues for the Zune.  And he loves it!  He lives in Redmond in a 5 bedroom house with 4 friends.  And on Saturday nights, they play board games with friends!  On the other nights, you’ll find him on line with a computer game or playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero with his roommates!

PJ Our Receptionist

PJ is pure poodle, although when he jumps into your lap, you’ll think he is half flying squirrel! His job is to make you feel welcome and relaxed.

He loves toys and will be delighted to play with you for a little stress relief. Need exercise? PJ is pure energy. He does figure eights in the back yard at 100 miles per hour! Let him inspire you.  PJ stands for Pure Joy, and I think he is Pure Love too!


PJ was so lonely after Jake passed that we had to find him a new life partner.  So we adopted Jennie, the Pomeranian, in early July, 2006.  Jennie let PJ know right from the start that she is beautiful and she is the top dog!  They adore each other.

Jennie will come up and stand next to you for petting, but she won’t jump in your lap.  After 3 years of watching PJ leap through the air into Peggi’s lap, Jennie has suddenly started to do the same.  That’s a lot of dog for one lap!  Most of our students learn faster than Jennie!

Jake Security Guard, Emeritus

Jake lived with us for 12 1/2 years. He guarded the house (security) and loved me with all his big heart. On April 25th, 2006 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer (leukemia). He was treated for pain successfully and lived pretty comfortably right til the end on Jun23rd, 2006. He was able to die at home with PJ (our poodle) and I by his side. We really miss him and his wonderful wagging tail. As cute as he was, and as loving, he guarded our equipment and office against strangers, UPS, FedEx, the postman and other serial murderers. Jake could jump 5 feet in the air and bark at the top of his lungs. Jake would lie at your feet and give you his cute loving look or you could pet his soft hair.

Jaya Receptionist Emeritus
Jaya Passed away on Friday, April 23rd, 2004 after a short bout with cancer

Jaya was 16 and a half years old.
He’ll join his brother, Punkin, who passed away 6 years before in heaven.

Jaya lived a wonderful and charmed life.
He was one of 5 kittens who were abandoned by their adult guardian on Wilshire Blvd in midtown. They scrambled up a tree for safety from the cars and people. They were found by a very nice lady who worked in a local PR Firm. She took them home, fed them and loved them, and found homes for them all. When Peggi Sturm came to see the kittens with her 18 month old baby, Josh, there were only 2 left. Peggi and Josh kept the brothers together and brought both home.

Jaya and Punkin were indoor cats on Texas Avenue. They were happy there, although they often sat in the window in Peggi’s bedroom and “clucked” at the birds in the jacaranda tree outside. “I’d catch you if I could get thru this window” Jaya said, over and over again!

When the family moved to Ayres Ave, there was a doggy door. Hooray for freedom! Jaya and Punkin were in and out, all the time.
And Jaya proved to those birds that he wasn’t kidding. He was a great birder, much to the disapproval of his resident humans.

Jaya “owned” Ayres Ave. His job in life was greeter-receptionist. He stood or sat on the sidewalk in front of our house and greeted everyone who passed by. Mothers with children or babies were his favourites. Jaya would roll onto his back and request that his friends rub his tummy. He had a loud voice and had a lot to say to his friends.

Once, in my work with Apple Computer, I was talking with a woman in their Santa Monica office. She noticed my address on my business card. I had know her for several years. She said, that after the earthquake they had relocated to Ayres Ave while their house was repaired. She had an infant and used to walk her baby on Ayres twice a day. She told me about this wonderful friendly cat on Ayres. He was black, with white paws and tummy, and a little white bib that jiggled when he walked. He was her first and best friend on Ayres. He talked to her and she rubbed his tummy. Yes, that was my Jaya!

All my clients who came to the house loved Jaya. He sat on the desk where we were working, usually right on top of their papers, and let them pet him. If they got stressed, he moved to their laps for more intense petting.

The humans of the house and the dogs loved Jaya too. Jaya was Josh’s little brother and they grew up together. In Jaya’s sickness, Josh even fed him! Jaya liked to sit on the sofa in Josh’s room. It was so soft with all those clothes on it. Jaya was warm and comfy.

The puppy, PJ, chased and annoyed Jaya some of the time, but other times, he’d rub faces and lick Jaya. “Adoration is sometimes annoying, but we have to honor our fans,” Jaya would say.

Jaya was afraid of the big dog, Jake. He would come in late at night and Jake would be asleep in the hall. Jaya slept on the bed by Peggi’s head. Jake blocked the path. Jaya would sit on the far side of Jake and call to Peggi: “Wake up, Get up, Come pick me up and carry me past the giant annoying animal to bed. NOW!” He would repeat himself until Peggi came. One night there was a battle of the wills. Jaya spoke until Peggi’s will was broken, 7 hours later!

Peggi and Jaya understood each other. As you can see from this Memorial, Peggi could always understand what Jaya was saying and often languaged it in English. Jaya’s voice was very expressive.

Jaya was cremated and his remains will live in our garden, so that he can continue to greet everyone, in spirit. We will all miss his smiling whiskers, his soft pettable fir and his indomitable spirit.